Product Personalization

$10.00 CAD

Personalize your comfy basic, and make it your own! 

Choose from the 5 fonts available in the second image and let us know in an Order Note what you would like it to say, as well as where you want it placed. After adding this item to the cart, an Order Note can be added by clicking 'Add Order Note' at the bottom of the cart page.

Order Note Examples:

"Sarah" top-right

"JEFF" middle

Please note that all the clothing will have BLACK font except for THE REVERSE which will be a WHITE font. 

* We do not reccomend personalizing the waffles due to the texture of the shirt, the lettering is more likely to fall off. 

* If you buy more than 1 item, and want all of them personalized you must add the personalization to your cart for EACH item. i.e if you want 7 shirts personalized, add it 7 times etc.

* The personalization is printed out exactly how you spell it in the Order Note, so please double check :) 

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